CLXclass consists of a series of lectures on specific topics.

The topics are dealt in one or more lessons depending on the subject matter covered.

The lessons last from two to three hours with a single 10-minute interval between the first and second hour.

During the lesson mobile phones must be turned off to allow concentration and avoid disruption.

The topics covered in the lessons are collected in two macro areas: legal and soft skills.

The first section deals with topics of law from which a solid preparation of the young jurist cannot be disregarded: notions and principles, some topics from which, by now, one cannot ignore.

The aim, therefore, of the lessons, is to increase knowledge, consolidate the preparation, and provide tools that will enable to face the professional world in a safe way.

The second part deals with issues aimed at a practical management of problems and skills specific to the professional world.

The speakers, depending on the individual themes that will be addressed, are selected on the basis of specific skills and experience.